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Teleport exec single teleexec01

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Teleport Exec is a scriptable webspider, executed from a command-line, batch file, or another program. It has only a limited graphical interface, used for debugging; normally, this interface is hidden. The program is designed for developers and integrators who need to combine a powerful webspider with another application.

There are three tools you can use to evaluate Teleport Exec:

  • The Teleport Exec manual gives complete documentation of the program's API in PDF format.
  • The trial version of Teleport Ultra can be used to determine if Teleport Exec can explore sites you are interested in crawling.
  • If you've already evaluated the previous two options, you can email us a request for a trial version of Teleport Exec itself. Because of the nature of this software, we make available a time-limited trial version of Teleport Exec only to developers with an appropriate need who will use it responsibly.

What's new in version 1.72?

  • Improved parser, handles strings in scripts better
  • Removed known problem scripts (jquery, addthis) from rewrite process
  • Updated company contact information

Teleport exec single

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