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Runtime KeyBoard single keyb06

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a computer keyboard that you could customize to your liking? You could make the keys any size or color. They could have pictures on them. They could do anything you choose, like type a certain character, even a whole word or series of commands. Virtual keyboards can have several pages, which each have a unique layout and function.

Think how much time that you could save by having the keys that you need right where you need them. You choose the layout, you choose the colors, you choose the size, you name it, you decide! Try it for FREE!

Copying keys makes creating keyboards even faster! The designer has a key pool of commonly used keys, which you can add to, and copy frequently used keys to make custom onscreen keyboards very quickly. Create your own keypools if you want!

Your custom keyboard can be controlled with mouse clicks or if you have a touch-screen, just by pressing the keys on the screen.

This keyboard is so flexible, it has hundreds of uses. Whether you are a computer programmer or can't use a conventional keyboard, you can benefit from your powerful virtual onscreen keyboard.

Now you can design your own onscreen keyboard, or use a pre-made keyboard that will save you time, money (time is money after all, right?) and aggravation.

MountFocus Keyboard Designer Package - Create your own keyboards (includes 5 Free Runtime Keyboard licenses and 1 Keyboard Designer license)

MountFocus Runtime Keyboard (single license) - Use with any of our predesigned keyboards

Runtime KeyBoard single

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KEYB06MountFocus Runtime KeyBoard 100 license pack (digitale levering)434.50525.75

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