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External Data Connector for SharePoint imports data from multiple external data sources, including Databases, SharePoint, CSV, Excel files, and Mails from Exchange Server / Exchange Online and integrates them into SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries. It supports databases such as SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle and any ODBC compliant database, file sources such as XLSX, CSV and Mail Items from Exchange Server / Exchange Online. The product can integrate data into SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint online in Office 365.

Import Data from external database into SharePoint Lists

  • Build queries and extract data from tables and views in external databases and import them into SharePoint Lists
  • Supports MSSQL, Oracle, My SQL, and any ODBC compliant database
  • Supports all List types
  • Smart Query Builder allows you to perform simple and complex queries (including joins) on multiple tables and copy records into SharePoint lists
  • Filter and fetch only the desired columns and values from tables to SharePoint lists
  • Automatically create lists in SharePoint when you copy new table content from database
  • Track errors and analyze records imported to lists
  • Export the SharePoint list content back to the external data source
  • Map database table column names with SharePoint list columns prior to data import
  • Allows users to collaborate using data within SharePoint; users need not connect manually to databases every time to fetch and populate list data

Import XLSX, CSV data to SharePoint

  • Import data from your CSV and Excel files that contain business and user data from other systems
  • Directly read from the CSV/XLSX files and map it to available lists and their columns or create new lists
  • Export your business application data to CSV files at regular intervals and schedule your import to lists using the CSV files

Import Exchange mails to SharePoint

  • Import MS Exchange mail items from Mailboxes and Public Folders into SharePoint Lists
  • Import mailboxes, contacts, tasks, calendar, and other custom folders
  • Selectively import mail items from Exchange on-premises and Exchange Office 365 into SharePoint for sharing and collaboration
  • Copy entire mail boxes in bulk into SharePoint lists – especially useful for importing mail items from shared mailboxes (say, a Customer Service mailbox)
  • Perform a granular import of mails by querying on various mail item properties such as From, To, Cc, Date range and message headers. Query mail items for keywords in Subject and Body of mails.
  • Map and bring only the required fields in mail items to SharePoint lists (such as date-time, To, subject, body etc.)

External Data Connector

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