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Wouldn't you like to know the chances of making money on your next venture? Or which of many decision options is most likely to yield the best payoff? How about the best sequential drilling strategy? Or how much to invest in various projects in order to maximize the return on your project portfolio?

Everyone would like answers to these types of questions. Armed with that kind of information, you could take a lot of guesswork out of big decisions and plan strategies with confidence. With the DecisionTools Suite, you can answer these questions and more - right in your Excel spreadsheet.

The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of programs for risk analysis and decision making under uncertainty that runs in Microsoft Excel. The DecisionTools Suite includes @RISK for Monte Carlo simulation, PrecisionTree for decision trees, and TopRank for "what if" sensitivity analysis. In addition, the DecisionTools Suite comes with StatTools for statistical analysis and forecasting, NeuralTools for predictive neural networks, and Evolver and RISKOptimizer for optimization. All programs work together better than ever before, and all integrate completely with Microsoft Excel for ease of use and maximum flexibility.

The DecisionTools Suite is also available in Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

New in Version 7 - BigPicture, Enhanced Model Sharing, Advanced Analyses

New DecisionTools Suite 7.0 offers a range of improvements for any decision maker, from general use enhancements to new, specialized analytical features. Plus, in the biggest change of all, a new member has been added to the DecisionTools Suite family: BigPicture, PalisadeĆ¢??s five-star reviewed mind-mapping and data exploration tool, joins the full Suite!

New in the Entire Suite
Introducing BigPicture, PalisadeĆ¢??s new five-star reviewed mind-mapping, diagramming, and data exploration add-in brings a visual dimension to any decision process. Strategic planning, data analysis, and human resources org charts are just a few of the limitless applications of this powerful new tool. In addition, all Suite users can now receive automatic software updates with one-click installation.

New in @RISK & RISKOptimizer
Efficient frontier analysis has been added to RISKOptimizer, enabling users to determine the optimal return that can be expected from a portfolio at a given level of risk. Copulas are now available to enable sophisticated methods for correlating uncertain @RISK variables. @RISK models and graphs can be shared with non-@RISK users via new thumbnail graphs attached to cells they describe. The new Data Viewer allows you to display any spreadsheet data, not just simulation results, using all @RISK charts and graphing options. And lastly, you can create exactly the simulation results reports you want directly in Excel, automatically formatted for optimal viewing, using the new Custom Reports feature.

New in PrecisionTree
PrecisionTree can now export quantitative decision tree models directly to BigPicture, turning them into stunning visual maps that can be viewed, printed, and shared with any Excel user.

New in StatTools and NeuralTools
The Data Viewer is included with these tools as well. Cluster analysis, principal component analysis, categorical bar charts, and Kruskal-Wallis tests have all be added to StatTools. In addition, performing multiple types of StatTools regressions is much easier than ever.

New in Evolver
Efficient frontier analysis is also included with Evolver.

Two Editions to meet your needs

The DecisionTools Suite Industrial

  • @risk Industrial
  • PrecisionTree Industrial
  • TopRank Industrial
  • NeuralTools Industrial
  • StatTools Industrial
  • Evolver Industrial
  • RISKOptimizer Industrial

The DecisionTools Suite Professional

  • @risk Professional
  • PrecisionTree Professional
  • TopRank Professional
  • NeuralTools Professional
  • StatTools Professional
  • Evolver Professional

DecisionTools Suite Features & Benefits

  • See all possible outcomes with Monte Carlo simulation Avoid pitfalls and identify opportunities in @RISK or PrecisionTree modelss
  • Map out decisions with decision trees and influence diagrams
  • Works in Excel No need to learn new applications from scratch
  • Genetic algorithm optimization Solve complex, nonlinear problems involving uncertainty
  • Sensitivity or What-If Analysis Identify the most important variables in @RISK or PrecisionTree models
  • Distribution viewing and fitting Accurate description of uncertainty
  • Presentation-quality graphs and reports Easily explain results and recommendations to others
  • Full integration between programs Easily install and migrate between component tools; apply analyses from one tool to another tool's model for greater insight
  • Parallel processing Speed up large Monte Carlo simulations by using available CPUs within a single machine
  • Bundle pricing Save money compared to buying products separately

Decision Tools Suite

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