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Applause Image Utility 793499-49401

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Platformen:OS/2 Meer ...

Applause is a TWAIN enabled image utility for OS/2 that allows a user to quickly navigate throughout a bitmap image. Applause also allows the user file manipulation and conversion capability on bitmap image files.

Applause provides the ability to directly scan using any STi TWAIN for OS/2 scanner driver and data source. Supports B/W, gray scale, 8 bit, and 24 bit full color.

  • Supported File Formats
    • TIFF - Uncompressed, Modified Huffman, pack bits, G3, G4
    • PCX and DCX
    • OS/2 and Windows bitmaps
    • FAXIT for Windows fax files
    • WINFAX Pro fax files
    • QuickLinks II fax files
    • IBM PSEG3820
    • GIF
  • Speed: View images 2 to 10 times faster than other viewers
  • Versatile: Cut images for pasting into other applications without scanning. View FAXs faster and easier. Rotate, invert, and scale each of the files before they are written. Fit-to-width feature makes almost any document readable.
  • Screen capture: Captures current screen for use as a bitmap.
  • File conversion: Batch conversion of an entire directory of image files from any source format to a specified destination format. Automatically delete original images after the target files are successfully created. Convert/Compress one image/FAX to another; change a 300DPI FAX to a 200DPI FAX image.
  • Colour modification: Convert between 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit, and 24-bit (gray-scale, 16 color, and 256 color) images. Modify color brightness in 10% increments.
  • Print: Print one or more pages from an image file.
Applause Image Utility

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