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The eSchemes replaces the original eComStation Scheme editor and gathers the functionality of Window Themes, eStylerLite, Icon Themes, Sound Schemes, Pointer scheme, and other system look & feel related settings into one place. Besides that, the eSchemes project has the goal to fix some problems with colors (like gray frames).
New!: eSchemes Deluxe is a set of WPS classes which was born during eSchemes developing but not included into base eSchemes package. First version introduces WPImageFileEx (images preview) and WPObjectEx (information about object) WPS classes and MMImagePak (set of MMOS2 I/O Procedures)
Requirements: OS/2 Warp or eComStation with multimedia and CWMC classes
Restrictions: The eSchemes project requires eComStation 1.2 or newer. You can now sponsor the development of new features of eSchemes. Possible developments include:
  • Powerful editor of WPS Objects settings instead of manual setup strings editing
  • Replacement of standard PM classes to allow apply scheme without reboot
  • Skin Mechanism development to support frames like Win XP.
Please indicate which feature you would like to see developed, when purchasing a support unit.
Other possibilities:
  • Name scheme by your name - You can name scheme, created by eCo Design, by your name. This can be done for 'unnamed' schemes like Platinum, Gold, Winter,
    Summer, etc. By buying such a sponsor unit you support scheme designers.
  • Product or company logo based scheme - You can offer personal scheme design
    based on your company or product logo. If you want to create more powerful scheme
    (which includes icons, sounds, folder backgrounds and other stuffs) then discuss this
    with eCo Design in advance.

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