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RSJ CD Writer 497576

Category:Productivity - CD/DVD Software By:RSJ
Platforms:OS/2,eComStation,Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP More 

The RSJ CD Writer file system offers you a whole variety of advantages compared with conventional mastering-programs:
  • The CDs are being accessed in the same way like diskettes or fixed disks. This has the advantage that all OS/2 programs used to administer files - like the OS/2 Workplace Shell - can also be used with the CDs. So commands like COPY, XCOPY, LABEL or CHKDSK can be used CDs as well.
  • Unattended operation, i.e. fully automatic operation, possible.
  • The RSJ CD Writer file system is fully integrated into the Work Place Shell (WPS), so you can use standard WPS features to control the file system.
  • During daily operation the CD-Recorder can be used like a normal CD-ROM drive.
  • Can be used with all SCSI host adapters compatible with OS/2 and the CD-Recorder.
  • You can also use several popular IDE recorders with RSJ
  • With RSJ CD Writer you can also process and create Multisession-CDs. Likewise, the program offers the possibility to burn audio tracks onto CDs. And the CDs can be "sealed", that means furnished with a write protection.
  • CD-RW's can be erased (in a CD-RW drive)
  • DVD+R/RW support
  • DVD-R/RW support
  • Recorder detection enhanced
RSJ for Windows:
  • Easy handling
  • 32 bit file system, fully integrated into the operating system
  • Dynamic support of later CD recorders conforming to CDATAPI or CDMMC standards
  • Query CD titles through the Internet using the CDDB service
  • CD Cover editing and printing
  • MP3 support
The purpose of RSJ XML Archive is to archive large amounts of data structured in XML documents. It is designed to be flexible, secure, reliable and fast.
RSJ for OS/2. Please visit RSJ for a list of new features.
RSJ CD Writer

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 RSJ CD Writer
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