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NDCrypt plugin for NetDrive NDCRYPT_BUS_1

Category:Security - Encryption By:eCo Software
Platforms:eComStation, OS/2 More

NDCrypt is a plugin for the NetDrive filesystem (separate shareware product: NetDrive for OS/2)

NDCrypt plugin is a dynamic loadable library that used by NetDrive for OS/2
for transparent data encryption/decryption. Like all NetDrive plugins the
NDCrypt is a part of the IFS (installable file system) called NDFS (NetDrive
File System). It works imperceptibly and quietly, but provides strong
encryption and as a result good privacy for your data.

NDCrypt plugin allows you to create protected disks and folders within
NetDrive File System and to use the data stored on those disks and folders as
if it was ordinary data on an ordinary OS/2 storage device. NDCrypt protects
selected part of files on your disk or diskette, in addition NDCrypt hides the
file date/time and size. NDCrypt can't encrypt neither your e-mail messages
sending via cables nor any traffic in wires. For those purposes you can use
other products, for example PGP for e-mail, IBM firewall for private networks.

NDCrypt plugin can use different cryptography methods (algorithms). At the
moment the following methods are ready to use:
  • Blowfish, key length 1-56 bytes;
  • Cast 256, 1-32 bytes;
  • GOST (the encryption standard in Russia), 32 bytes;
  • Loki97, 1-32 bytes;
  • Mars, 4-56 bytes;
  • RC6, 1-255 bytes;
  • Rijndael, 1-32 bytes;
  • Safer Plus, 1-32 bytes;
  • Serpent, 4, 8, 12 ... 32 bytes;
  • Tripple Des, 24 bytes;
  • Twofish, with 16, 24, 32 bytes keys long.
System requirements:
  • eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp
  • NetDrive 2.x or higher
NDCrypt plugin for NetDrive

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 NDCrypt plugin for NetDrive Commercial
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