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Platforms:eComStation, Linux, OS/2, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP More

The InJoy Firewall is a flexible firewall security solution for businesses of any size. It offers enterprise-class next-generation security, preconfigured policy templates - including full customization options, seamless IPSec VPN integration, superior gateway capability, intuitive management, access control, a wealth of documented deployment examples, unmatched control, and comprehensive documentation.
InJoy Firewall - Personal Edition Designed for the standalone PC that needs optimal protection, control and network monitoring. Includes Local Administration, complete firewall security, superior network monitoring, Traffic, PPPoE Support and PPTP. As a home user, you should combine the Firewall with a separate spam filtering and virus protection tool.
InJoy Firewall - Desktop Edition The cost-effective solution for small businesses and home networks. Includes all the indispensible security and gateway capabilities for up to 25 nodes, including the firewall node itself. This version does not include the more advanced business features such as remote management, bandwidth management, IPSec VPN, URL monitoring, PPPoE and PPPoE Support.
InJoy Firewall - Professional Edition Designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, consultants, knowledge users and computer enthusiasts. The Professional version includes all the powerful Firewall features, such as bandwidth management, remote GUI management, e-mail server protection, intrusion detection, HTTP URL logging, Content Filtering, PPPoE / PPTP support and much more. The professional version is also suitable as a powerful VPN Client or small-scale VPN Gateway with support of up to 10 internal LAN users being routed out through it.
InJoy Firewall - Enterprise Edition Designed for enterprise users with demanding LAN topologies and VPN Gateway requirements. Supports up to 1000 nodes behind the Firewall, each being able to access the Internet and route traffic through the corporate VPN. The number of IPSec VPN tunnels are not limited and a simple authentication database for remote VPN Clients is built in. The Enterprise version includes ALL possible features, is supported with priority e-mail and updates are free for 2 years from the date of purchase.
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InJoy Firewall

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 InJoy Firewall for OS/2 - eComStation v4
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1057251InJoy Firewall for OS/2 - eComStation v4 Enterprise 5 users (digital delivery)110.00119.84133.10

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