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Category:Connectivity - Internet access By:BMT Micro
Platforms:DOS, eComStation, Linux, OS/2, Windows 9x, Windows NT More

Internet Rex is a tool for BBS sysops to transfer netmail over the Internet. Its main goal is to provide an easy to use yet very flexible way to get mail from one BBS to another using the Internet's services.

To this end, Internet Rex supports:

  • Transfer of mail via email, FTP, BinkP and toss to directory (for use on FTP servers).
  • Reading and writing of email through SMTP/POP3 server, UUCP, Fido/Internet gateway, KA9Q style mail spool, Soup/Yarn mail queue, Eudora, PMMail, MR/2 Ice, Nettamer, and Postroad mailer.
  • Support for multiple inbound/outbound email addresses, and multiple inbound/outbound mail queue types.
  • MIME encoding, UUencoding, XXencoding and TransX compatible encoding.
  • Reading and writing of messages for Fido2Int, TransX, Allfix 5.0+, GIGO, Watergate, PXFids and all SEAT compatible mail programs.
  • Transfer of TransX messages.
  • Reading the queues of FrontDoor compatible mailers, Binkley compatible mailers, D'Bridge, AdeptX, Platinum Xpress, PCBoard 15.22+, ViaMail, QFront and any mailer capable of sending mail through a *.PKT queue. Additional support is included for the advanced features of TMail and McMail.
  • Multinode support for Binkley compatible mailers, FrontDoor, MainDoor, Intermail, TMail, ViaMail and ShotGun.
  • Native versions for Win95/WinNT, OS/2, DOS and Linux.

While the main interest is providing the basic features that would be needed for any system to send mail over the Internet, Rex offers features important to the discriminating sysop, including:

  • True encryption of files for secure transfers.
  • Reliable transfers, so mail is never lost or damaged.
  • CC email file attaches, so the same file can be sent to many different people using only one message.
  • Gating of netmail to email.
  • 5D addressing.
  • Automatic packing and unpacking of messages and attached files.
  • File request processing, including FREQ via email.
  • Network support, including drive mapping and firewall aware protocols.
Internet Rex

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 Internet Rex
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