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Hassle-free, worry-free
For admins, bioPDF is simple and flexible to adapt and deploy, with support for unattended setup scripts, Citrix Metaframe, and more. End-users find the PDF writer fast and intuitive to use, emboldened by the fact that the interface is localized into multiple languages. This leads to swift adoption and low support requirements. When all users can and do print to PDF, fewer potentially harmful or unreadable file formats are distributed and paper use is greatly reduced throughout the organization.

Enterprise-level robustness at SMB prices
bioPDF takes highly praised community software Bullzip PDF Printer to the professional level. Over time, countless dedicated Bullzip fans have tested almost any conceivable combination of application and platform. Many more have simply used the application and reported their enjoyment. As large enterprise clients began to show interest, we developed bioPDF to match the requirements of businesses on any scale.

How does it work?
The bioPDF PDF Writer works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application.

Feature overview

  • Print to PDF from almost any Windows application.
  • Supports 64-bit operatings systems.
  • Direct output to the same file each time or prompt for destination.
  • Control if the printer should ask if you want to see the resulting PDF document.
  • Control settings and prompts programmatically.
  • Setup can run unattended.
  • Graphical user interface.
  • Password protect PDF documents.
  • 128/40 bit encryption.
  • Quality settings (screen, printer, ebook, prepress).
  • Set document properties.
  • Watermark text, size, rotation, and transparency.
  • Superimpose/background documents.
  • Appending/prepending documents.
  • User interface control.
  • Command line interface to all settings.
  • COM/ActiveX API interface for programmatic control.
  • Microsoft.NET API and command line API.
  • Support for Citrix MetaFrame
  • Support for Windows Terminal Server
  • Create BMP, EPS, PS, PNG, PCX, JPEG, and TIFF files as alternative to PDF documents.
  • Create linearized PDF files for optimized web viewing.
  • Initial zoom settings.
  • Page thumbnails.
  • Create one PDF for all pages or one file per page.
  • Individual horizontal and vertical resolution for image creation.
  • Configure text and graphics alpha bits to support smooth edges in images.

Paper Sizes
11x17, A0, A10, A1, A2, A3, A4, A4Small, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, ANSI A, ANSI B, ANSI C, ANSI D, ANSI E, ANSI F, ARCHA, ARCHB, ARCHC, ARCHD, ARCHE1, ARCHE1_H, ARCHE, C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, FLSA, FLSE, HalfLetter, ISOB0/ISO B0, ISOB1/ISO B1, ISOB2/ISO B2, ISOB3/ISO B3, ISOB4/ISO B4, ISOB5/ISO B5, ISOB6/ISO B6, JISB0/JIS B0, JISB1/JIS B1, JISB2/JIS B2, JISB3/JIS B3, JISB4/JIS B4, JISB5/JIS B5, JISB6/JIS B6, Ledger, Legal, Letter, LetterSmall, Note, PA4, Tabloid, and Custom Page Sizes

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PDF Writer Standard

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