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Scan computers without having to deploy agents
Lansweeper comes with a variety of scanning methods to accommodate any network setup. Schedule a full network scan by IP range and set critical servers to be scanned every hour or use active scanning and integrate active directory to continuously keep your inventory up to date. Configure scanning just the way you want it to be.

While one agent based scanning method is available, using it is completely optional. All other Lansweeper scanning methods do not require agents on your machines.

A wide range of computer details are scanned for Windows machines. Hardware, software, event logs, Windows updates and product keys are just a few of the items to be found in the inventory.

Scan off-site computers
Lansweeper enables you to scan off-site computers that are not part of your network. An agent based scanning method that takes full, local inventories of your client machines is included in the installation. Transferring the scanned information to the Lansweeper database can be done manually, via email or automatically through a direct server connection.
Agent based scanning is ideal when employees are frequently on the move or for getting high security devices in the inventory.

Discover network devices
Lansweeper discovers, scans and organizes your network devices such as printers, routers and switches.

Scanned devices are automatically sorted into categories based on their device type. Locating devices and checking configuration is extremely easy. Sort devices by IP or find a specific one through a filtered search in the web console.

Scan on the fly, on a schedule or upon login
Lansweeper's multiple scanning methods give you complete control and enable you to scan how, when and exactly what you want. Scanning needs, varying on the size of your company and its internal dynamics, are all addressed through the flexible setup.

Scan your computers on a schedule or when they're logged into. A quick, on-the-fly update of the information on an asset is just one click away. Scan what you went, when you want.


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 Lansweeper Ultimate
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1391577Lansweeper Ultimate - 1 jaar abonnement - 1500 assets - English (digitale levering)1633.331976.33

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