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Braintower SMS Gateway 7058

Categorie:Communicatie Van:Braintower Technologies GMBH

Example applications:
- Sending text messages for security reasons; rather than e-mails or in addition to them
- One-time-passwords by text message from a password generator
- Sending text messages to a selected group of people for communicating important information
- Reminding customers of appointments – e.g. at car dealerships, at doctors’ surgeries or for sending goods
- Ballots, surveys and competitions
Ten good reasons:
- Everyone always carries a mobile phone
- Text messages attract greater attention than e-mails
- No dependence on internet providers
- Sophisticated analysis options
- Inexpensive to acquire and operate
- Open interfaces for high level of integration
- User-friendly
- English-language support
- Made in Germany
- Free updates
Braintower SMS Gateway

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 Braintower SMS Gateway
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1400584Braintower SMS Gateway - Telegram (digitale levering)199.00240.79

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