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Analyse-it Standard Edition - 1 user perpetual licence - Fixed license 1373064

Categorie:Productiviteit - Statistiek Van:Analyse-it Software, Ltd.

Standard Edition

Transform Excel into a world-class statistics package. Discover more about your data with powerful statistical analysis and data visualization.

  • Descriptive statistics, histograms, box-whisker plots, normal plots, CDF plots and more.
  • Estimate parameters and test hypotheses for location, dispersion, and proportions
  • Discover relationships with correlation, and scatter plot matrices.
  • Fit models and make predictions with simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, and logistic regression.

Method Validation Edition

Meet laboratory regulatory compliance demands. All the statistics and plots you need for method validation and verification.

  • Compare methods with Bland-Altman, Linear regression, Deming regression, Weighted Deming regression and Passing-Bablok regression.
  • Establish and verify within-device / within-laboratory precision and repeatability.
  • Establish the linear measuring interval (reportable range), or calibration verification with linearity.
  • Establish medical decisions levels with ROC curves and reference intervals (reference range).
Analyse-it Standard Edition - 1 user perpetual licence - Fixed license

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1373064Analyse-it Standard Edition - 1 user perpetual licence - Fixed license (digitale levering)236.91286.66

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