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Snagit 13/4 US licentie prijs/gebruiker


For extended information about this product, please mail or call us on +31-85-4019160. Snagit 13/4 US licentie prijs/gebruiker

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Partnr.DescriptionEuro *US$Euro incl. VAT 
SNAG24U-18-E Techsmith Snagit 2018 US/DE upgrade Prijs/user-10 - 24 users (digital delivery)15.0419.0018.20
SNAG01-18-E Techsmith Snagit 2018 US/DE Prijs/user-1 - 4 users (digital delivery)42.9654.2851.98
SNAG09MAINT Snagit maintenance Prijs/user-5 - 9 users (digital delivery)8.4910.7210.27
SNAG24MAINT Snagit maintenance Prijs/user-10 - 24 users (digital delivery)7.529.509.10
SNAG99MAINT Snagit maintenance Prijs/user-25 - 99 users (digital delivery)6.458.157.80
SNAG249MAINT Snagit maintenance Prijs/user-100 - 249 users (digital delivery)5.376.786.50
SNAG499MAINT Snagit maintenance Prijs/user-250 - 499 users (digital delivery)4.305.435.20
SNAG999MAINT Snagit maintenance Prijs/user-500 - 999 users (digital delivery)3.554.484.30
SNAG1999MAINT Snagit maintenance Prijs/user-1000 - 1999 users (digital delivery)3.013.803.64
SNAG09REN Snagit maintenance renewal Prijs/user-5 - 9 users (digital delivery)8.4910.7210.27
SNAG24REN Snagit maintenance renewal Prijs/user-10 - 24 users (digital delivery)7.529.509.10
SNAG99REN Snagit maintenance renewal Prijs/user-25 - 99 users (digital delivery)6.458.157.80
SNAG249REN Snagit maintenance renewal Prijs/user-100 - 249 users (digital delivery)5.376.786.50
SNAG499REN Snagit maintenance renewal Prijs/user-250 - 499 users (digital delivery)4.305.435.20
SNAG999REN Snagit maintenance renewal Prijs/user-500 - 999 users (digital delivery)3.554.484.30
Partnr.DescriptionEuro *US$Euro incl. VAT 
SNAG1999REN Snagit maintenance renewal Prijs/user-1000 - 1999 users (digital delivery)3.013.803.64

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For extended information about this product, please mail or call us on +31-85-4019160.